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Shareholder's Meeting

Notice of the Fifty (51st) Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
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Cover 196 KB.
Invitation to the 51th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 425 KB.
1. Form of registration (must be presented at the meeting).
2. Copy of minutes of meeting of the 50th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on April 21, 2017. 529 KB.
3. 2017 Annual Report in form of CD-ROM, comprising of the annual report of the Board of Directors and Statement of Financial Position and the Statements of Comprehensive Income ended December 31, 2017. 32.5 MB.
4. Name List and Biography of Directors to be elected as Directors to replace those retiring by Rotation. 469 KB.
5. Names of auditors, details of the audit fee and names of subsidiaries which use the same auditors. 340 KB.
6. Brief history of independent directors who may be appointed as proxies by shareholders and qualifications of independent directors. 591 KB.
7. Explanation on how to appoint proxy, registration for and vote at the meeting. 139 KB.
8. Articles of Association of the Company relating to meeting of shareholders. 252 KB.
9. Proxy Form
- Proxy Form A
- Proxy Form B 286 KB.
- Proxy Form C
10. Annual Report Requisition Form. 371 KB.
11. Map of the place where meeting is held. 101 KB.